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Kenya, South Africa and Uganda will later this year give the one-year mandatory notice to withdraw from the International Criminal Court.

Also expected to give the notice is Namibia, which together with Uganda has asked to be enjoined in the Ruto Case.

South Africa’s ruling ANC, which has a comfortable majority in Parliament, is expected to vote on the withdraw in the next month or so.

Now we can kill each other without anyone coming for us.!


When will the victims of Kiambaa church burning get justice? Will they ever get justice?


How do we define justice? ANYONE going to jail, or the culprit to go to jail? Coz if it is anyone to go to jail then even i would be in ICC, but if its the culprits then obako na baba should feature somewhere there, atleast even as accomplicess to crime. Dont talk of justice when, it is political balance which made sure none of the two heads was charged. otherwise if at the time, obako n baba were not heads of state but ministers, they would have been the ones dealing with benfunda now. In my view, this thing should just end, every community lost. If ruto goes to jail then there will be an imbalance in the perceived ‘justice’…


Vyenye huyu mujamaa amesema. No accountability ama responsibility.

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I can’t wait for the next war.Kila mtu arudi kwao

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Doors of murder officially opened for the black,this is seriously gonna hurt this continent of ours

ndiyo,na kila mkenya atahiri,we cannot share a country with primitive ihiis

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We might turn a “blind eye” to this but we all know that the “relative peace” that we experinced in the 2013 General elections was majorly due to the phobia of the ICC…remove ICC from the equation and God forbid we will start slaughtering each other again and ask for the “international community” to please help us. We never learn.

Pray you do not die if war gets started, all the rest will depend on your balls.

Ignorance is what will kill you all. It does not mean that you cannot be taken to the Hague based court if you are not a member. Bashir is at the ICC and yet his country is not a signatory. By recommendation of the UN security council any leader or person can be taken to the Hague. De-registering ones country means you will not partake in the courts politics and compliance.

Do you think that the people that are pushing for us to get out of ICC dont already know this “secret” that you are hoarding?..

Now go tell that to your people. I bet they will understand that much later when everyone have his head hacked.

so you think coz we are members we wont hack eacher other if the climate is rife? Bitch pliz.

Its a political court and the guys who want us out want some control or say on the political issues there. Second they do not want to be complelled by a sitting court that is not in their motherland.

Do you even have an idea why last election people didn’t go for each others throats? Everyone was prepared but what made people back down.? Anyway, why try to beat sense into you when all you this of are bitches.

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if you believe guys were ready to go for each others throats and the only thing that restricted them was Benfuda… eeeeh we have different perception of Kenyan politics