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KENYAN authorities at the border town of Malaba on Friday evening intercepted a Kenyan motor vehicle, ferrying over Ush 49.2 billion, equivalent to Ksh 1.5 billion in a Toyota Land Cruiser.
According to police at Malaba Border Post, the motor vehicle bearing Kenyan government number plates was intercepted after the occupants, three males, defied orders to stop for clearance, citing they were part of the Kenyan Deputy President entourage.
The trio, Franklin Kipyegon, Derrick Kigen, and Francis Kibet could however not explain to authorities why they were moving such a load of cash without declaration at the border as is the norm.
Upon further interrogations, detectives established that the suspects traveling on Kenyan passports were personal aides to Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto and were on official duty at the time of the arrest.
An immigration official who talked to Sunday Monitor on a condition of anonymity confirmed that the suspects were Kenyan officials who had accompanied the Kenyan DP, William Ruto during his three days official state visits in Uganda.
The three shall be arraigned in court on Monday on money laundering counts as detectives escalate investigations to establish the source of the cash, the highest ever discovered on the Kenya, Uganda border.

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Mangele stick to CNN fake news.

Stopped at aide to….though should have stopped at 49.2 b….

Juzi juzi tu alikutana na museveni.
Anaunda jeshi lake Uganda au nini?.

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where is the reliable link to the story?

Muguga - #JubileeWins
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Utakujiwa useme hii story umetoa wapi. :smiley:

Ama unadhani juu uko Texas…

UDA Sasa wamenyamaza? Watashangaa! [=AZW0lC_fE9N8L37q1Pr1E4pV0nj6N0kH35SwLZo0lAu7xaSH8T_v-LqY3USB-YI4qbi47kMrpe3IlkLK1Lm28fplFpRX4A7qSkNKWvjSuf9bS2iCAnBm8Iopvb1FotxRbmHaxm1V4sdUDXHLx6D-G8I2YREhr3EZXnMhTjHprb19VA&tn=*NK-R’]#JubileeWins]('[0)


Uko nyuma ghathee

49.2 billion UGX ikifungwa na ruberbands in bundles of 100 notes each ni 9,840 bundles.

3 occupants walikuwa kwa landcruiser with 9,840 stacks of 100 notes each…


section of political leaders wants the top leadership of Jubilee Party reconstituted following the defeat in the just-concluded Kiambaa by-election where their candidate Kariri Njama lost to UDA’s John Wanjiku on Friday, July 16, 2021. Kieni MP Kanini Kega blamed Jubilee’s top leadership for the recent defeat in the Kiambaa by-election. Kega stated that top leaders of the party need to pave way for fresh leadership.’s%20Budget%20and%20Appropriations%20Committee%20Chairperson%20Kanini%20Kega%20speaking%20in%20Parlaiment%20on%20December%203%2C%202020..JPG?itok=-HmtpTCX
Kenya’s Budget and Appropriations Committee Chairperson Kanini Kega speaking in Parliament on December 3, 2020.

He blamed Jubilee’s Secretary General Raphael Tuju , Deputy Vice Chair David Murathe for failing to offer leadership in the just concluded Kiambaa by-election.

He argued that they failed to show on the ground and offer support to Jubilee candidate Kariri in Kiambaa.

On the other side, Garissa Town MP Aden Duale stated Jubilee Party has serious structural problems.
He claimed that the key organs of the Jubilee Party ceased to function.

Jubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe

He added that they cannot use a party that has serious problems in 2022.

Lakipia Woman rep Cate Waruguru on her side stated that she might consider shifting her allegiance to another party if Jubilee fails to solve some of their problems.

Tuju and Murathe faced similar rebellion following Jubilee’s loss in Juja by-election.

Tuju, while speaking on Citizen TV on Thursday, May 20, defended himself stating that the elections witnessed a low voter turnout as compared to a General Election. Tuju also promised to revive the party after the Juja loss.

"Those who have won in the by-elections, a few wards where turnout was very low and the dynamics are completely different with a general election, they have every right to celebrate but we will be back.

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju

“We have performed very well in past by-elections but this particular time we were not that lucky, we didn’t perform well & we should not have useless excuses,” Tuju pointed out.

Murathe backed up the same sentiments stating that voter turnout was low and he did not see a reason why Deputy President Willaim Ruto allies were allover the moon about the win.

“Who says that every time you run an election you have to win it? You go to an election to win or to lose? If Ruto’s allies believe that they are strong enough, let them move out of the Jubilee Party so that we conduct little general elections in their constituencies,” Murathe, who appeared on KTN News dared.

All eyes in politics are now on the ruling party’s next move as analysts wonder whether it will merge with ODM or fix its internal problems first.



Young people protesting the arrest of Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua on Friday blocked parts of the Nyeri-Nairobi highway.

Mr Gachagua was seized on Friday morning by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and transported to Nairobi.

“As predicted two dozens of DCI officers raided my Nyeri home and arrested me to face trumped-up charges of money laundering.
I am being driven to Nairobi at reckless speed to spend the weekend in the cells,” the MP posted on his social media page.

Last month, detectives said they have finalized an investigation into tenders involving companies associated with Mr Gachagua, putting the legislator in trouble over Sh12 billion said to have passed through his accounts.

The number of companies associated with the MP’s transactions, and those of his proxies, have now reached 40, revealing what seems to be a complex web of transfers.

Most of the transfers end up in a company known as Wamunyoro Investments Limited, where Mr Gachagua and his wife, pastor Dorcas Wanjiku, are the only shareholders.

“We have completed that investigation and it has taken us a lot of time,” said Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti, without revealing his next move.

A display of Ironic comedy when WSRuto tries to pass as the most religious Kenyan around… :D:D:D

Wapi @spear?

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Which God is this condoning sin and corruption?

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Dear William Samoei Kipchichir arap Ruto,
"You might be having more arrows in your quiver than those in your caravan. But that does not mean you waste them on an enemy who is already half-dead.
We have witnessed your detractors with fat big stomachs and the brains the size of pea wearing oversize shirts vowing you will never be a president. We have seen draconian measures taken against any real or perceived dissident to the ruling elite. Sanitizing of people dyed in the wool of mega corrupt dealings, evil machinations to remove the likes of Duale, Murkomen, Susan Kihika et. al is not only disgusting but also juvenile. It is akin to village boys taking revenge mission on fellow boys who took their African traditional balls. My crystal ball tells me that those who deny freedom to others deserve it not and under a just God should not have theirs. Freedom of speech and choice is not a privilege but our rights.
My advice; keep your neck high. Beyond the horizon are new tidings. Because they will first laugh at you, insult you, fight you then you win!
The Teacher who writes [=AZV6xQ073eKuu_wgBfIXZFF1eHlDU3dIIyLOTUsT1jVKbJsARKZhdBq_7B1qhnPGg-tEMeluMzkFhhBH7Ml_cq6jzE4a5L2FDpynvhr5wIXtn6qSwDgvstiHARqZVy3me7E&tn=R]-R’]Saleh Clarissa]('[0)

[=AZV6xQ073eKuu_wgBfIXZFF1eHlDU3dIIyLOTUsT1jVKbJsARKZhdBq_7B1qhnPGg-tEMeluMzkFhhBH7Ml_cq6jzE4a5L2FDpynvhr5wIXtn6qSwDgvstiHARqZVy3me7E&tn=R]-R’]Mac Dennis]('[0)
Rigathi Gachagua just took an mp seat and is 3yrs old in parliament. He will be taught by the govt henchmen how to survive in politics for long like Orengo. He will go silent just like Sudi coiled his balls and watches from the fence.
He thinks yapping and being used as a rebel can win him trust on Ruto’s cronies. He imagines he can intimidate a sitting president in his own backyard 3yrs down the line in politics just because they fell out.
FYI, Ruto has killed so many political careers for some self made men like Waititu and Sonko who failed to serve the interests of the current govt but went on a looting spree because their master was shielding them oy to realize he was using them.
Just like Babayao. Sonko and the likes, Ruto’s time is imminent. It will dawn to him that he can never outshine your master. It’s wisdom not my words!