BREAKING: Turkish drone surveilled secret Islamic Regime military bases and handed the information to NATO

Enyewe Erdogan is a small genius. He was able to spy on secret bases that are not available on regular satellites and copied the information to NATO (Turkey is a member of NATO). Mambo imechemka. @hakimoto @rexxsimba

These are part of the drones that helped the Ethiopian army turn the tides against the Tigranians who almost overrun Addis. Surveillance drines and armed drones from Turkey and Saudi. Kenya on its part has been using the Scaneagle uav for its surveillance missions across our borders to great effect in Somali.


Turks are meffi in my eyes

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Hehe why so? The turks are a serious military force

You mean with all the satellites in space, they still need a drone for that?

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Drones have more accuracy than Satellites

This shows what happens when a fanatical theocracy is hell bent on only producing destructive weapons. They abandon products that are actually useful in peacetime. Just like the Soviet Union in its last days where they could manufacture thousands of high tech weapons but its citizens had to line up for bread and tissue paper.


But why do you look at these things only from one side? Ama mko hypergamous for US? Why did soviet have to do what it did? Why did it fall? Who is giving propaganda about the soviet? Ama afadhali kulia kwa ferarri kuliko kuteseka? You’d rather swallow the lies and get comfy than know the uncomfortable truth.

Same drones provided evidence for war criminal netanyahu and yoav, so says the ICC prosecutor Khan. It cuts both ways wakuu. I remember balloon heads like @rexxsimba celebrating drone videos from ukraine of russians getting killed. Mimi nikasema tu they have opened a pandora’s box. Sahii ukronazis wanatupiwa drone bombs which flings them 50m from where they were hiding.


The forces of good and evil are necessary. They keep each other in check . Small minded talkers take one side ignoring the other . If American hegemony of Zionist swines and homosexual west is kept unchecked by these small nations you label rogue, they can cause untold havoc.
Iran , Russia, n.korea and Shayna are also necessary in the bigger picture just like soviet was .
Be wise to understand both sides of the coin are necessary coz you can’t flip a bet on one sided coin.
I love both God and satan , I love good and evil . The hermetic rule of polarity shows there is little difference between light and darkness , evil and good . The way darkness escapes when first light hits its amazing.

Silly boy. The US has satellites that can see a dime from space. They can even read the label of the brand of cigarettes you smoke from space. There’s no photo intelligence that turkey can give the US


Why? Nyeuthis live freely there.

I support any country where a black skin can live and work bila kusumbuliwa.

Mbona Kenya hatuna drones zenye ziko serious?

Tungekuwa tunashaft ZOOmalia venye inafaa. We blow up anything that moves the wrong way.