Took his laundry to the hub Karen.

Start of monopoly huanza hivi

nimekuwa nikitafuta mutu mujinga zaidi kwa hii kijiji and so far nyani hii wewe uko number 1

Lemme watch that series again

Jubilee government goes out borrows money from China.
Chinese contractors come and build infrastructure using their engineers and a few Kenyan watu wa mikono
Money goes back to China
Kenyans left with debt to pay
No money for food
Businesses close down
Government continue smiling when launching the Chinese projects

A club for an anchor tenant? That can’t work.

This supermarket is obviously technically insolvent. Their liabilities seem to outweigh any assets they own. They’ve been issuing bouncing cheques since last year. One supplier is owed 70 million shillings, workers haven’t been paid, plus TRM alone is demanding 51 million in rent arrears. Imagine how much they owe in total. I think their suppliers and landlords were also in denial about just how bad it was. It seems it has now hit them that they won’t be paid any time soon, that’s why they’re starting to move against the supermarket. I think this is going to trigger a chain reaction, so it’s going to go from bad to worse.
Lakini muhindi alisema hawes peana controlling stake, so he’d rather have 100% of a sinking ship than 49% of a profitable, professionally run organization.

What will ya say about mombasa and all the big orgs that are closing down…hio pia ni Jubilee.if a gorvenor can bring a whole city to its knees na musione issue plus mupige debe 5 tena.And people like you who cooks biased rhetorics to support bs and has clearly inherited the basic mind set of throwing stones forgetting your glass houses

Nikubaya which company will survive this economic hardtimes hata Barclays wanafunga branches kadhaa

Naona hata our local mall Milele mall wameanza kulipisha parking and to make it even worse, they are now chraging 10 bob to use toilets.

You are beyond stupid. Naweza skia kama nimekusifu kukuita mjinga.

We have saape and persia mofo!

club sio lazima iwe ya kuuza pombe ama mihadarati sasa wewe ni nyani hata kumuliko. mofo!!

Would you care to explain why you think am beyond stupid?

Does that collection of statements make any sense to you? Most of them are a product of your fertile imagination and none of them has any correlation to the other ! Do you need help ?

Wewe boy wa ocha sijui unasema nene. Meffi

Market correction. Nakumatt is going down while its former small competitors are growing rapidly. Why? Business strategy. Nakumatt used a lot of its suppliers cash to expand instead of paying them. When it become unsustainable they resorted to expensive credit facilities and loans to pay its suppliers. When they couldn’t meet both payments at the same time, the cookie crumbled. Right now Tusky, Naivas and 3 other local indigenous supermarkets are circling waiting to take over those branches.

Hapo ni kweli though it has always been so. Elephant / Nakumatt

I don’t think Banks closing branches has anything to do with hard economic times but the reality of doing business in the modern world. Do some of you still queue at the bank to withdraw your salaries?

The last time I went to a bank was not negotiate as loan to buy a BMW (who in their right senses borrows to buy a car anyway!!)

With Mpesa, pesalink and mobile banking, each branch needs only two people. The branch manager and one cashier. There are now cash receiving ATMS too!!

And by the way I think they are using the interest bill to their advantage to sack Kenyans left right and centre. Big organizations relish the opportunity to “down size”, to make you feel the hurt.

Nakumatt owns very little assets. They sell shelf space. They have nothing to be auctioned. It is going to be tears, lots of tears. Condolences to the businesses that are going to be sent to the grave. Very disheartening

Lakini hata Tuskys pia I feel something is brewing. Remember when “the children” forcefully evicted the CEO? That was a very big red flag. I think they were scared he would put an end to some shenanigans, e.g conflict of interest manenoz. Plus I’ve heard rumors that the two (Tuskys and Nakumatt) are somewhat intertwined. I think they’ve also been sweeping massive amounts of BS under the rug. I hope I’m wrong.