The owners of Thika Road Mall (TRM) have seized Nakumatt’s assets saying the Retailer owes them Sh. 51 million in rent arrears

…this was long overdue.


Anchor tenant meffi. Tuskys over to you.

It’s sad when business take these directions!

Wonder who will take over and have variety like Nakumatt had.

Those curry eating mofos didn’t have any strategy. When Mwau pulled out from the laundry it was a roast goose.

Ile Jamaa ya Tissue iko wapi? uko na stock?

Rolling papers are gonna be expensive for a min

Talking about TRM, wameongeza parking rates from 30 bob to 50 bob. They’ve also scrapped that 30 minutes grace period, so ukiingia pale be prepared to pay 50 bob regardless of whether you’re just dropping someone and leaving or staying for 5 hours.

This is bad news

watching events unfolding in kenya is similar to watching a chinese horror - you know how it shall end and it shall end badly

This means the rent arrears have accumulated for more than a year.

Someone should turn all that space into a massive club!

They tend to discourage those peasants who drive in the there just to take a dump and leave. At capital center its actually 100 Bob for 0-20 minutes stay and 0bob for 30mins to 2 hours.

nakumatt going under
barclays closing branches

jubilee development cc @spear

Some people seem to be celebrating which goes ahead to show how stupid guys are. People will lose jobs and it’s a hit to the economy when such giants fall.

pia mimi hushangaa watu wengine

When it rains, it pours.
Three Nakumatt branches were over the weekend closed down in Kampala.
Things are elephant for Nakumatt.

I know a few people who would die of happiness if the SGR developed a mishap. Yaani Kuna watu hawapendi kuona kitu positive ikitendeka.