Breaking Traditional Burial Trends-Naivas Director

Africa is changing and traditions, customs, an taboos are gradually being challenged. Notable leaders broke with the norm and chose cremation over burial. Now the wealthy owners of Naivas Supermarket are going the cemetery way. Many believe only the poor and those without ancestral or personal land are buried at the cemetery. It’s fascinating to know that the founder of Naivas was buried in a cemetery in Nakuru and now his son will be buried in Langata.

I believe this is a step in the right direction. No need of having homes filled with graves. It even makes selling the land complicated.

Here is the story

he should have gone one better and been cremated.

Last year I attended a billionaire wedding that had a guest list of 25 people. The wedding didn’t cost more than 70k. Just a simple garden wedding that you would think is a brunch. It was so casual and simple.

Hata Mimi nitashomwa. Kwani iko Nini? My ancestors used to feed the dead to hyenas. A perfect solution considering some people used to die from contagious diseases. Kuzika mūndū wa nyumba is a very recent phenomenon. Those that got a burial were old wazees. A story for another day.

watu kama walijoin illuminati wakapata pesa wewe unataka uchomwe kama wao na huna pesa? hujui mbona wanachomana. mtu tajiri akizikwa home watu wanaeza anza kuabudu io kaburi yake, ama waanze kupigania io place amezikwa. kama grave ya kenyatta imekua shrine. thts why tajiri anachagua kuchoma kuavoid izo vitu. mtu anafaa azikwe kwa mchanga.

Tajiri pesa yake inaeza mnunulia marafiki. so ata akiita 25 kwa harusi hakuna kitu anamiss, pesa yake inaeza nunua ata president akue rafiki wake.
Wewe maskini ukieka wedding ya 25 people, na huna pesa inaeza kukupatia comfort maisha ikikua ngumu, si umepotea?
Kila mtu akae kwa lane yake


Hapo kwa harusi uko sawa, lakini kwa iluminati, acha usenge konokono

Bury the fucking corpse and move on


Just look at the shithouse that Okoth’s burial was going to be wasn’t it for that mzungu wife?

I will say it again. Without us, this country would be poorer than CAR.

Now go and call me a tribalist…

Which is why, by the way, I am voting WSR. Nandi & Kipsigis know biashara. Siyo haki yetu shit…

We do not have to cremate our departed ones yet. But we need to reform three funeral habits

  1. Staying for days before burying the dead. We should go the Islamic way and bury the body as soon as possible and continue with the mourning.
  2. Involving the church in the burial rites, even taking the body to church. That is a pagan practice. dead body was even unclean in the old testament. No need to involve the clergy in the burial ceremony, maybe just the services to comfort the family.
  3. Burying people in the homestead. Let’s make use of the public cemeteries and reserve our lands for farming.

Sir, this is irrelevant to this thread.

So is this.

What is wrong with cremation?


Kumbe mukuha alidedi? .RIP

Itumbi at Bob Collymore wedding…hehe

I don’t belong to the wazee “boyz cartel” club:D

:D:D:D Had to laugh. I don’t know why?

Salimia Njoroge ukifika home:D

Namuonaga huko Kijiji ya zukabaga. Si umsalimie, I thought mko na direct contact.