There is only one King.

He takes it at 2.08.38.

Cherono comes in at fourth. Nageeye of Netherlands and Abdi of Belgium take silver and bronze respectively.









@patco mbona sioni hii thread ya Otoniel Tony Navarette. State democrat senator who is a gäy paedopile. Who was arrest because of sucking teenage boys dìck.
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Kongole kwake.

He deserved it.

:smiley: the whole world is in complete awe of Eliud Kipchoge but Kenyans are like , meh no biggie!

Wengine wako za , “Haiya kwani kulikuwa machidano? Sikujua!”

Even akina Putin were watching this race.

The way Eliud finished solo with that red vest emblazoned the word KENYA is the biggest advertising in world history. Na kwa paja the Nike swoosh… Nike will milk this one for decades, I dont know how Kenya will milk this great moment.

For sure the Japanese will build statues n shit for tourists to commemorate the day the g.o.a.t himself ran on the streets of Sapporo Japan.





Afroconscious @LuandaMagere today you should be the proudest African in all of Africa. Wazungu wana discuss tu Eliud Kipchoge. Hata Russia, India niko sure ni same story.





Is water wet? Kenya is the undisputed birthplace of humanity. We know a thing or two about running away from troubles. In fact all serious marathoners travel to train in the high altitude climate of Baringo.

Every season, we produce excellent talent in the track and field events and this year was no exception.

Pardon us if we seem not too enthused by the result, but do not confuse it for a lack of gratitude to the Olympic team that represented us. They have made Kenya proud.