BREAKING: South Africa chased away like a wild dog, ISRAEL HAS NO CASE TO ANSWER


One they have more pressing issues that should occupy them …

  • Load Shedding
  • Crime
  • Poverty
  • Xenophopbia


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Lia kabisa, South Africa is Hamas savior!!!



UN option: sorted
ICJ n related courts: sorted

No where to run.

In other news, why did our maritime issue get to that level yet we got powerful friends? Or our powerful friends were not interested in this?

I think it was one way of getting somalia recognize Kenya somalia land boundary. Nothing like greater somalia. Maybe Ethiopia wants somalia recognize Somali region of Ethiopia is Ethiopia’s.

Kenya maritime boundary, Ethiopia sea access are issues that can be worked out after somalia stops greater somalia nonsense.

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As long as Arab Islamists are commiting full Genocide in Darfur and none of you clowns in here is even mentioning the fact ,
I really don’t give a shit about the Israel - Gaza War …
Hamas attacked Israel on 07th October 2023 and now it is payback time …

What have the poor , defenceless , Black Christian Minorities of Darfur done to warrant the ongoing Genocide …??
Where are all the Human Rights Protests …??
Where is the UN …??
Where is South Africa …??

Ngombe Kabisa …
All of You … :rage: :rage: :fire: :fire:

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