BREAKING: Putin wins with 88% of all votes cast

Mambo imechemka. Putin would be assássinated while in office very soon.


All the others should smear themselves in cowdung in shame for daring to run against Putin. Very shamefully to oppose your president during all out attack by the enemy.


Less than 20 million people vote in a country with nearly 150 million people! Watu wamechoka na siasa kila mahali kweli!

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Political fatigue is real aki.

Waste of taxes


Your friends Wagner also voted smoothly.

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There is no way if saying it nicely …

It was a sham election by a tyrant who has imprisoned or killed of all his opposition …

Killing Putin is the only way to change Russian politics …

My view is any election with LESS than a 60% the total voter roll is a sham

The perfect election is an Electronic one where:-

  • the voter roll is established and verified BEFORE the election ( that way you can properly determine the true voter turnout percentage).
  • the voter is identified with a verifiable ID and Voters Roll.
  • the voter goes into separate booths to select 1 candidate for each position ( or the option of none in the case of a protest vote )
  • the ID is marked electronically Off as having voted.
  • the results instantly tallied at a talking center with all stakeholders observing the process.
  • all voters wishing to vote to be given the opportunity to do so ( even if the process has to be extended due to voting glitches such as numbers or system outages).

Elections involving Putin and M7


Viva rusky

Server can’t report anything more than 4% against Putin.


Very correct Daktari

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Nothing"viva" right now about Putin or Russia…

Putin is a Russian problem that the the Russians themselves will deal with …

Just like the dealt with Imperialists, Dictator s and fake Communists in the recent past …:blush:

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All presidents of the world are answerable to the same Overlords.

Give us examples …
Who are Kagame , Museveni and Samia Suluhu answerable to …?? :rofl::joy:

Sodom wants to come to Africa too.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1769433113162141752|twgr^42a654d1af11734a97116407db28ca6389c8f2fe|twcon^s1_&

On Sunday, Reuters reported that Putin was projected to win another six-year term as president, with an alleged 88 percent of the vote. The incumbent leader faced meager opposition on the ballot from Nikolai Kharitonov of the Communist Party, Leonid Slutsky of the ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, and Vladislav Davankov of the New People party. Voting ran for three days from Friday to Sunday.

As was pointed out by observers and Putin critics online, the candidates on the ballot were supportive of the incumbent president and largely had the same views as him. More meaningful opposition was quashed, with anti-war candidate Boris Nadezhdin and former TV journalist Yekaterina Duntsova being barred from running in the race. Alexei Navalny, a major Putin critic and opposition leader in Russia, was also jailed on dubious charges and died in prison last month, with many observers alleging that he was murdered at the behest of Putin.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1769431124839661767|twgr^42a654d1af11734a97116407db28ca6389c8f2fe|twcon^s1_&

Am sure hao mabeshte watatu WA Putney walikam kwa ballot Dio dickitator aonekana alikua na competitor otherwise he should have been alone in the ballot box


  • How many registered voters in Russia…??
  • How many took part in that sham election…??
  • Who verified those results…??

Putin is only fooling himself…
Bure Kabisa …:joy::rofl:

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kagame and museveni are puppets of the people looting Congo. They are nothing more than servants providing security to the looters.

Kelele za vyura…we dont care bout westerners opinions. Ni kama tu zile sanctions and oil price caps.




Meanwhile how is our yuess candidate doing? Putin wetu promised biden to achieve 2nd term. Or else trumpites will dunk him like kinyesi kwa choo. And it seems its gonna happen thataway.

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