BREAKING: Prigozhin dies in a "plane crash" (head of Wagner PMC)

Wtf. Putin is ruthless

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Hats off to Putin buana. This is impressive :joy::joy::joy:

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Yes, he flew to close to the sun with that Wagner thing of his.


Dont ever play with them kgb ninjas

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It was just a matter of time! Msito Putin had to do de ting…


Muzee Putin doesn’t forgive.


That mutiny did him in. As I stated Putin would crash somebody. The truce was false. He was growing too big for his breeches

I could be wrong but the plane appears to have been at an altitude too high for birds.

Does Putin want to end the war?

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Lakini passenger plane banae. Putin deserves to be hanged by his balls


Prigozhin should have deposed him when he had a chance. Sasa ona.

Whose gonna do it hate to break it to you Russia can get away with almost anything just like the USA can rules based international order ni ya wakulima wadogo kama kenya


Russia the country can get away with anything but Putin’s image suffers if he willing to kill innocent Russian citizens to get 1 man.

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You really think the elites care about a few peasants in their personal wars?? The life of an average Russian, to Putin, is worthless ni kama mende. That’s why he is sending thousands of hungry soldiers to go and die in ditches pale Ukraine.

Hata hapa Kenya do you think Babuon cares if a few peasants die during demonstrations?? The elites don’t care about the lives of peasants and they never will. The sooner you understand this reality, the better.


Elites don’t give two shits about you and ordinary people are always gullible provided they get a paycheck and have some sort of stability and BTW it was a private plane so most likely his associates

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You can’t change a dictatorial regime by asking nicely.

Ukiamua ni kuenda against a dictator, it is a suicide mission. You shouldn’t sleep until he is dead because he also wont sleep until you are in the ground.

Hakunanga half-assing a rebellion or mutiny. You see it through to the end.


Exactly. You either go all in or the dictator would make his move, which is usually lethal.

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