Breaking: Ouru Brothers Of Kisii "Have Gone The Keroche Way"....Who Can Confirm?


Ouru stores in Kisii have been shut down by the government…

Some of the owners fled to Canada…claims are they filed for bankruptcy.

Another closed his business and moved back to TX where he owns several real estates.

It is rumored that they started a tax-evading corrupt practice in their business and the government is looking for them

They are accused of transporting goods to TZ, Congo, UG tax-free, then they bring them back to Kenya and resell them by charging taxes.

That they owe over Ksh480 million in taxes.

Apparently, when goods go to neighboring countries, they are tax-free… So they owe the government over 450 Million Ksh in taxes

Their often busy delivery trucks normally seen on the roads…sometimes you’d see like 10-15 trucks going to different places to deliver goods… have disappeared.

This is going to have a huge impact on construction in all of Nyanza.



Hawa jamaa wana pesa sana…

Damn at least they managed to flee but still leaving all those assets behind must pain.

Its official wakisii have taken the mantel in issues related to corruption and crime in this country.

Ouru Plaza wameachia nani…ama waliiuza chini ya maji? These guys were real birrionaires, ata kina Taylor na wahindi wengine wa Kisii town hawakuwa wamefika level yao.

Kama unajua mpaka Taylor lazma wewe Ni mkisii. Huyo muhindi ni birrionare but magonjwa imemlemea.alifanyiwa heart surgery juzi juzi. Ile hosy yake RAM watu wanapora usiku na mchana. Infact Kuna accountant hapo anasimama MCA and he has mounted an intense campaign

Siongei mengi huko ni hometown.

government killing kenyan enterprises as usual

You are not suggesting they look the other way when corruption is part of doing business.

So now you can see that they were probably not billionaires. Walikua wanaaishi on credit na ujanja.

Hao jamaa have always been on that scam. I’m surprised they kept doing it even after they made money.

Ni kama wasee wengine kericho town ,they own practically everything.petrol stations, restaurants,quarries, tea factories, supermarkets eeish all over the county and neighbouring ones. Really stackin it

Alafu all those brand new businesses zimeanzishwa quite recently less than 5 years ago. Unashindwa what games they are playing ama ni front ya money laundering