BREAKING: Onlyfans to be closed as from October, $1trillion to be wiped out from the economy

80% of all content is sexually explicit. Hii sasa itakuwa aje?


Sexual content is the only reason people log onto that site. It’s their niche market.
Question is Sasa watu wataenda kuona nini ingine huko?

@administrator changamka fungua app yako ya ngono. Huku ni mbesha farifari. Halafu uite gomora. Hapo hata pesa ya AdSense hufuati tena.

kwani Taliban imenunua onlyfans

Someone else will create another site. Peep shows have been part of the internet for decades, onlyfans was just a better business model with quality servers. Now that investors have seen the potential, they’ll throw in the money.

Am sure the feminazi mob were planning to sue them for exploiting female bodies. Goddamn stonecold dikes can’t let men get their rocks off in peace.

It will go the tumblr way

Sasa makunguru waliwacha office jobs to go to onlyfans wanalia kwa choo. Now watauza ikus on the streets.

Used to osha macho kwa tumblr manze. All of a sudden all my pages zikaanza kupotea bana. Never been back there

me too.
hata nihuku tu juzi nliona mtu amepost kutoka Tumblr kuuliza akasema its back to business as usual.

Guys will migrate to a similar site called justforfans so onlyfans will lose out

hehe the problem is processing payments plus Building a community is the toughest job in the world