Breaking:On Karen Nyamu.....Tell Her Congratulations!



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How is she still a (mis) leader?

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You are one of many in here who got up at 04:00 AM to go and Vote for them …
That’s how …

Now suffer peacefully until 2027 … !! :rofl:


For someone in their 40’s, she fine


I didn’t vote actually


You should always meet those people in person before you make such pronouncements…

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On Saturday, June 24, Nyamu shared a video of herself riding in a chopper with her left leg resting on Samidoh’s thigh and his arm on it as he rubbed it.

In the video, Samidoh was wearing a stylish shirt with brown, black, and white patterns.

The lovebirds enjoyed the chopper ride, and Nyamu accompanied the video by Heaven Can Wait song by Dean Martin.

Samidoh also shared a video wearing the same shirt, driving in a cosy car, and fans couldn’t keep calm.

He was spotted wearing the same shirt in Naivasha, where he performed at an event.

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Samidoh Muchoki is a farmer and runs a lucrative dairy business at his upcountry home in Oljoro Orok, Nyandarua County.

The father of five has over eight dairy cows and earns over KSh 11,000 daily, selling milk.


You seem more interested in the shirt than the real story. Is it a magic shirt?

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Weka picha ya karen na black eye covered by a hat

Hehe, I had almost failed grasp this

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Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, has caused mixed reactions online after responding to false claims that her husband, Samidoh, beat his baby mama, Karen Nyamu.

Reacting to the rumors, Edday replied to a fan’s comment that even after Nyamu pampered the singer with an expensive drink, she still got hurt.

Edday noted that ‘payment’ for certain deeds will always come, just like a doctor’s prescription.

However, the rumors about an assault were quickly shut down by Nyamu, who noted she would never stay silent in such an event.

She protected Samidoh and hit back at women who celebrated the claims that he had hurt her.

Samidoh did not take lightly the claims that his wife, Edday Nderitu, had dumped him and moved to the US.

The singer responded to the Facebook post, wondering why broke and poor people were so much into his marriage and the lives of other successful people.

“Si mnapenda kufuata maisha ya mtu na vitu hamjui. Unaongelea mtu mwenye utakufa kama hujafika half of his achievement. Mtaaibika tu siku moja,” he said.

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Half of his achievements ni kutomba wamama ? :green_emoji: :green_emoji: Sisi hudeeenyer vitu soft

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Edday Nderitu has moved on …
Soon , She will get a loving partner and Samidoh will be history …:grin::grin:

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Karen Nyamu now grabs Samidoh and takes him to Sidney, Australia far away from Mafisi like @Lionheart:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:.