Breaking: Omanyala Just To Lost Noah [email protected] secs In 100 meters...

More mouthfuls of humble pie, less chest thumping. He has a long way to go before he gets ranked up there with the greats.

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He had a bad start.

I know you people are full of this positivity bullshiett like in thread below, but facts don’t lie and I operate in reality. Niliwaambia if your boy doesn’t do sub-10 sprints on the regular he can as well forget winning in elite competitions.

I am now vindicated. All the idiots who thought I was fooling around can now understand why I referred to them as idiots :D:D. If you can’t beat the clock, you are toast. Feelings kando.

Hio gap ni kubwa sana

Omanyala hakuna kitu …


No sir. That’s one excuse you keep hearing about him. Lyles kept opening the gap down the stretch. Check the gap at 20m and at 90m. And Lyles is not even a 100m runner. He just uses it to tune his 200m specialty.
Bottom line is that Omanyala has room to improve.

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He’s not a Bolt. But he’s a good runner. Consistency is what he needs. But he hasn’t reached anywhere near Namibias Frankie Fredricks.

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He is a decent athlete. I can’t take that from him. He just lacks that final edge that separates champions from contenders. I think he is massively overrated. However, he has the potential to improve.

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There is that under 20s kid from Botswana called Letsile Tebogo who recently did 9.94…i think Omanyala’s days are numbered.


@Mangele malenge ambia hao jungu winter is coming.

He holds the pioneering torch for future Kenyans to excel in the short races…
He’s got a foot in the door, perhaps later we might get a seat at the table same as in long distance races.

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Omanyala himself has the potential to level up. Athletes improve sometimes but I know its extremely hard.

That final 0.1 seconds is the most difficult thing to do in this world. He can improve yeah but statistics point otherwise. For one his age. Those kind of improvements are seen at age 19-23. At 27, 100m runners are staving off a decline. With extreme dedication( diet, training, lifestyle) he can maintain his current form to age 35. Improving is another story. And the competition at top 5 is beyond stiff. Kirley, Coleman, Brommel, Bracy, Simbine, Jacobs, Degracy are no joke.

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As you say, it’s extremely hard.

as long as he didn’t lose it to a blonde motherfucker, sits right with me.

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omanyala sepnds more time fucking biches and possing on sosho media than he does training. No wonder he was once caught doping. Raw talent is not going to make you succeed. He lacks the mentals for success. Jamaa ako na mdomo mingi sana kuchichocha kila wakati. No serious athlete is jumping like a monkey and risking hamstring injury just to show off. Huyu ni joker



Omanyala’s vindicated…Noah’s A Beast!..

Noah Lyles ended his season by winning the Diamond League Final 200m in 19.52 seconds in Zurich, Switzerland, giving him five of the 13 fastest times in history.

Usain Bolt has four of the 13 fastest times, including the world record 19.19. Lyles broke Michael Johnson‘s American record in repeating as world champion in July in 19.31. In all, Lyles ran 19.67 or faster a total of seven times in 2022, and 19.52 or faster a total of three times in 2022, both the most for any sprinter in one year in history.
His 19.52 (into a headwind) matches the 12th-best time in history, his own from winning last year’s Olympic Trials. Lyles rebounded from the disappointment of an Olympic bronze medal to run the world’s fastest time of 2021 after the Tokyo Games, then put together arguably the strongest season of 200m sprinting in history this year.
Lyles, 25, has since worlds spoken openly about chasing the world record.
“Once I hold onto a feeling, I don’t let it go,” Lyles told World Athletics. “I was able to capture some amazing feelings this year. Especially in the start, the first 100 meters, the first 20 meters, the first 10 meters. Things I’ve never done before.”
Full Zurich results are here.

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