Breaking: Obama-Care Lives On Even Through Conservative Supreme Court

Supreme Court Votes 7-2 to save Obamacare.

[li]The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled against Texas and other Republican-led states seeking to strike down Obamacare in its latest test before the nation’s highest court.[/li][li]The top court voted 7-2 to reverse an appeals court ruling that had struck down the law’s individual mandate provision.[/li][/ul]

Supreme court ni yenu. We won’t go there after the forensic audit. It would be a waste of time.

Lawyers will always side with fellow learned friends.

Biden lawyer. Kamala lawyer. Obama lawyer. The Clintons…

Abe Lincoln was also a lawyer and he shafted the South.

Christopher Wray head of the FBI, another lawyer.

What happened to your “Obama judges” excuse? :smiley:

Hamuoni? This is part of “institutional racism”. The much discussed disadvantages upon some will continue unmolested together with the supposed advantages. So long as its associated with you-know-who then the targetted folk will chug it in!

That’s democracy. We accept.

The word Obamacare has everything that Republicans hate: The noun Obama and the verb “to care.”