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Laikipia north mp Mathew lempurkel now being held at Naro moru police station over incitement. Has previously been bonded by a nanyuki court to keep the peace.

Nice by elections time all these inciters will all be in jail.

If the statements he made in vernacular are indeed correctly translated that man should not even be on the ballot paper.

You all saw Junet arrogantly repeating the same utterances he had been arrested for and declaring that he didn’t care if the police came for him or not.

As long as he has money kesho atakuwa nje. Kuria , kabogo waititu wako wapi

He will be charged in court Monday. His lawyer, Jim orengo no less, expected to chopper in to demand his release on bond.

Didn’t you spend quite some energy defending crimes-against-humanity ICC suspects ?
You have no moral authority to comment on these issues.

The problem with Kenyan youths, I included is that we don’t focus on reality rather tribalism and party affiliation have alienated our freedom to speak and think critically. Such that whenever a Jubilee affiliated youths speak, they attack NASA supporter and the opposite is true.
Call a spade a spade, if someone has done wrong, whether your bro or what, it’s wrong. These politicians have less than 20 years to live while youth have for than 30 to over 40 years to live in this country. Let’s create a one strong united Kenya.

Jail that man

I think the Gok should just go rogue and jail two or three high level hate mongers for thirty years. Iwe funzo kwa wengine like they did to those “my dress my choice” ruffians. No one would ever dare to. Otherwise, jailing fb-keyboard warriors is a waste of time

NATO Moru ni wapi? for once I thought NATO had a presence in Kenya. anyway, hiyo kunguni ifinywe makende, and as I said earlier, there will be PEV, but not about the Presidential vote. It will be fanned by local politics like these in laikipia.

Okey. Please tell us he was released on a cash bail

NCIC should be given powers to arrest and charge these vermins.

small gadget manenos (adroid seems to have a mind of its own!). thanks and corrected.

What evidence is needed to jail these mofos!?

amesema nini huyu fala?

We are slowly and surely matching into anarchy. But am sure Nanok will think twice now about his support for ODM after that idiot Lempurkel termed their long time nemesis the Turkana as enemies out to grab their land.

Using which law? Fikiria, it is free

He was just stating an opinion . Stop being extra.

Can have a taste of your delicious nunu,pleaseeeeeeeee?