Breaking Now: Uhuru's Ally in Trouble

sounds like the last time I had sex…

Could be headed to Iraqi or Syrian way. Hawa waarabu ni manugu tu

I could be wrong, but i highly doubt turks are Arabs

True, I confirmed. Thank you for correction

Coup attempt quashed. Mutinous soilders being arrested by police. Seems like a script from a bad movie.
It’s going to be a hell of a long day in Turkey.

Watasema kwa nini wamefanya hivo. I smell russian or ue influence though.How stupid even CC was not in on it.

ulifikiria wanaendaga kupoesha uji? ungewapa agwata basi…

cc @Fala 12

kwanza start believing in your Osungu…cc @introvert

Hehehehe. Makosa ikifanyika mablow lazima ziflow…




say again

the situation could’ve been different if they’d utilized this kind of firepower…



Turks are not arabs. They even have their own language.

Soon they will pay the price of supporting isis.

Not necessarily external influence, the army in Turkey has led a couple of successful coups before. They do this to check the existing government. People in Turkey trust the military more than the government and in fact were happy that this was happening.

Pia Erdogan has been enacting laws which are very unpopular with the masses. This is just a reaction.

true that. the Turks say vajina while the arabs say almahbal B[/B]

Hehehe… Gathee…