Breaking Now: Uhuru's Ally in Trouble

Military mutiny in Turkey. Jets flying low over Ankara and gunshots heard.

Kenya considering sending troops to support Erdogan.

OK, hiyo ya mwisho…

They better take over the government otherwise Erdogan will make an example of them.

Are you making this up ? Isn’t Turkey a NATO member or affiliate ?


we could send REGGEA SQUAD

Kila time Recce wakienda mission they come back a man less.

sarcasimo stupido

nowdays kenyas security forces are just becoming worse

REGGEA SQUAD all set and ready to take off. Journey will take 3 days since their planes are still in Msa on a sponsor mission exercise.

You can’t be sure with this government. Its supporters - even right here kwa kijiji - like to pretend Kenya has no fault and government is perfect and beyond reproach. I would not be surprised if they started believed their own PR. Started believing KDF is mambo yote and then send them to Turkey :smiley:

he he heee

I wouldn’t brush off the Americans on this one…main culprits!

Boris johnson hatambui upuss ya Erdogan. African countries might be next

Lakini Turkey’s army has been very patient with this guy.

it’s true, there is a possible coup

Could Russia have anything to do with it? Putin is a deadly guy, and may be he never forgot about that jet…

Explosions heard few minutes ago Ankara turkey


i don’t think NATO can intervene in this, there is no case of Turkish sovereignty being violated …

That’s a possibility. But again, didn’t they make up? Erdogan even apologised to Putin.