BREAKING: No change in fuel prices

Where are the doom sayers who predicted 150 Bob per litre?

122.8 is still high

Ai we, si walisema petroli itaongezeka na 4.5 bob leo?

Prices normally change on the 15th so if real it should be tomorrow. The guys at the depot had said it was going up 5 shillings. Unless someone over ruled we will see

Konyagi gvt feared our wrath plus we know our E A neighborhood is selling at less than 100/-

The price structure used by EPRA is tax heavy. Landed cost is less than KES 50 per litre.

High fuel prices in an economy where disposable incomes are shrinking is a recipe for social unrest.

All goods have a transport cost element as raw materials to factories and last mile to retailers. People must move daily to access jobs, services, and opportunitie.

Tuko hapa. And we know they were in fear of a first ever popular revolt [MEDIA=twitter]1382446815920934914[/MEDIA]

Guys would have poured out in the streets and overthrow this government.

I don’t expect that to happen any time soon. You’ve probably heard that several times.

Hehehe. Pun intended. Kenyan bonobos are submissive and cowardly as hell.

Now retailing at 125 bob per litre. Stupid bugger