BREAKING: Nigerians banned from Seychelles permanently

Na unapenda kupigwa msogoro kwa matako sana ghaseer hii

Hope u won’t have ur chokora girlfriend @Electronics4u banning me again

Wapi naweza kula Dem mnigeria mkia

Dota WA sugoi anakamuliwa na loud mouthed ogah philistine

Hakuna tofauti kubwa ya nchi na club. If you allow riff raffs wataharibu biashara tuu. Same thing applies to a country.

You only let in spenders and highly skilled foreigners. The same way any decent club will prevent riff raffs from entering but give free access to beautiful women and loaded men.

Kenya is headed there with all these Somalis/Nigerians/Burundians/Indians BUYING our passport and using it to pedal drugs in the Middle East and Seychelles.

You have nincompoop leaders who instead of TIGHTENING and PROTECTING our borders, are OPENING IT UP by making Kenya VISA FREE for everyone.

You guys sell passports and IDs for 10k. Bure kabisa, Mafi ya kuku. Although there are millions of illegal immigrants in USA, they will never obtain an American passport. It’s impossible. Waafrika ni bure kweli.

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