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VESSEL CONTAINING Sh360 million cocaine
goes ‘missing’ from Mombasa port


Ni kama ndrama, ni kama vindeo:p

Hio imemangwa na governor 1

Where’s KOT when you need them? Kenyans must raise a massive stink about this and demand answers.

wasn’t the cocaine found in 'tainers that were already landed?

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chemist 001 hakuwa anataka isinkiwe ingine

Mnacheza na mari ya mambirrionaire

Hehehe mnakumbuka kina chemorei

Wait for the shit to hit the fan, MMNN aka tycoonews iko mbele na breaking news

Chemist 001 was not in the country during this hullabaloo

This is kenya for you

Why am I not shocked?

Uhuru Kenyatta’s fingerprints all over this scandal

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what scandal? have you noted @Meria Mata has ignored the question i asked hapo juu. this is a spoof story…

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The vessel was detained by kenya security.

what vessel was it?

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a simple phone call can get things done…just saying

VESSEL, container,
Kuna difference,
You know what happens to the vessels

OK, Sir, please then clarify if it was the ship or the container that has gone missing and please provide more details…if it is the container where was it and when was it discovered missing?

DC mwenyewe(ama alikuwa PC?), alikuja kumuua na batallion ya police. Yaani the whole government went after him.