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AP OFFICER in Homa Bay County sets herself ablaze together with her two children over a domestic dispute, regional AP Commandant confirms.

Mrs @pamba

What the fuck gets into folks that they kill their stupid selves n their kids.idiots always taking the kids with them.

If its the mbisha of the kids, let it pass :frowning:

Ooh my! See how far domes can go. RIP

Everywhere in the world, police officers get regular psychiatric evaluation. Here, we expect simple, decent police officers to spend their working hours shooting criminals, collecting dead bodies and fighting al Shabaab without any psychological support. It doesn’t take a genius to know some will snap, with deadly consequences. I don’t understand why the police service cannot engage the services of about five psychologists to go round the country counselling officers…

sawa boss

Must have done this to get back at the wife…aende mpaka na watoi wife awachwe na mashungu…

its a woman who has set herself ablaze

I noted in a movie somewhere (The intern) that in the US, companies employ the services of massage therapists in cases of highly stressing jobs.
Our policeman need these services in addition to the psychiatrists (not psychologists, guka)

arent our officers debrieffed after every mission?

Oh. My bad.

Haha! Ati debrief. Does boinet even know the word debrief exists

Ngai Mwathani, i knoow redcross and st johns ambulance guys have councelling after after helping evacuate a fatal accident scene, dont tell me our officers just go to their local to drink

wacha @pamba atueleze

Hiyo massage ni ile ya happy endings??

You dare correct me? What cheek! Do you even know the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists, sir?

Stick to TBT:D:D:D, bro. You syntax, grammer and spelling can give @gashwin a heart-attack.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Its normally highly confidential and conducted during breaks… Cant confirm or deny happy endings though.

Psychiatric deals with issue mental…(aka shrink)
Psychologists with issues bodily…