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KU students on rampage at the moment. They are rioting because of shortage of water.

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Da fvck

kwani mugenda aligenda na maji?

Taharuki hiyo!

Same KU that is giving mugenda a Ksh 100 million send off package na hakuna maji?

link please


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Rumor has it that she is vying in 2016 to be the governor of kiambu.

Power is addictive

Buy the VC a retirement home by way of a flat?
It has to be a flat? And where is the 100mil the nation was talking about?

Kiambu hawes…pengine Embu.

@kukumanga geuza hiyo avatar yako iwe gun ya real halafu you shoot into oblivion anyone craving power in this country

Alienda mpaka na kiswahili yako.

inaitwa playing with words, afande…

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[QUOiTE=“gashwin, post: 387744, member: 542”]inaitwa playing with words, afande…

Morning Sir.

Morning Sir.

Carry on…

Gitonga have you read that link?

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Former vice-chancellor of Kenyatta University Olive Mugenda has declined a lavish retirement package proposed by the university council.

Prof Mugenda, in a letter sent to the university council last Friday, refused to take the lucrative package.

In a press statement sent to newsrooms on Sunday afternoon, the university announced that she felt the appreciation she had received, especially on social media, thanking her for transforming KU was enough.

The statement added that when Prof Mugenda took over as the VC, she was discharging her public duties and did not accept the position with a retirement package in mind.

Recent media reports said that the university council had decided to offer her lavish retirement benefits after her successful 10-year tenure at the helm of the university.

The benefits included a 10-day holiday to a country of her choice in the company of her spouse or a friend, a personal vehicle and a retirement home all estimated to cost of Sh22.5 million.

“[Prof] Mugenda is however grateful for the gesture and the support the university council has given her during her tenure,” read the statement.

“Prof Mugenda wishes the staff, students and management of KU a prosperous future and believes KU will only grow bigger and better with the foundation she has laid down for it,” added the statement.

In the meantime, Prof Mugenda will take a break as she contemplates her next move.

-Daily Nation