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Terrorist State France has been hosting Felicien Kabuga without shame, all those years

penda sana…na hapa kwetu kibaki alimueka miaka ngapi?

Provide details and link

Itakua breaking news kwa tv in the next 45 minutes

ni ukweli?ama kamepata covid caretakers wakajitoa?

France Ni takataka kabisa no wonder Kagame has been at war with them

He was hiding in Kenya for a long time, in plain sight.
I remember one time in mid 2000s I went for a drink at Roasters. A Congolese band was playing the music. A kamzee was playing drums and I could swear that it was Kabuga.
Could not confirm my suspicions due to fear of kungolowa makagary…

Hii labda ni China wamelipua. Mmewaingilia sana maneno ya covid.

Kagame pia angekuwa serious, Mossad wangemuletea hii ghassia mpaka Kigali Kwa bedroom akamue

They want to tell us a wanted million dollar bounty genocide fugitive can be living in a first world country , home of Interpol without their knowledge?

Hapa Chirac na Sarcozy walikuwa wana mumunya dollarz and am sure CIA/Obama knew his location. CIA/Trump akasema hataki upussss let the rat be arrested. That’s why i love Trump, no deepstate criminals are safe from Elchapo to Akasha to Kabuga

ango kumbe wanaweka aljazeera pale nyama villa kayole

The French is responsible for the instability instability in Francophone countries. I wonder how they manage to do that yet they are cowards who were easily conquered in ww2.

Folks used to say he was the owner of Rwaken.
How true it was I can’t tell.


Kwani aliuza ile 65 inch 3D contraption linked to DSTV, Fifa and Ray Donovan?


Kabuga is a very rich man.I highly doubt if he would resort to playing drums in a nondecript Congolese band just to hide his identity.His money can surely afford him way better options of hiding.


Kuna mtu amenukisha $5 mirrons