More lives lost in Somalia, fighting a war without cause. RIP[ATTACH=full]300416[/ATTACH]
A light Kenyan aircraft with 6 crew members has been brought down after getting hit with a rocket-propelled grenade in Somalia while landing.

The Embraer 120 plane with tail registration 5Y AXO and belonging to African Express was landing in Bardale town when it was hit with an RPG in what is now believed to be a mistake by Ethiopian forces.

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An African Express air plane crashed in Bardaale ,killing all those on board. as the locals counted five died bodies at the side of the crash.#Bardaale

5:16 PM - May 4, 2020
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The plane was reportedly brought down by RPG in Bardale town which is controlled by Ethiopian forces. Investigations are continuing though.

It is reported that Ethiopian forces were not aware that the plane was due to land in the town, leading to this accidental downing of the plane and killing of all crew members. The plane is a cargo flight believed to have been ferrying miraa to the town.

African Express is owned by Captain Musa Hassan Bulhan, a career pilot and one of the pioneer aviation entrepreneurs in Kenya. Captain Bulhan is known to be one of the first Africans to own an aircraft in the continent.

More to follow

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Huyu ni digi muhindi

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Tragically the captain of the downed aircraft is the son of Captain Musa, the owner of the airline.

How do you shoot down a obvious civilian airplane just like that?

Captain Musa ako na enemies wengi sana wa kibiashara

Ethiopians are old hands in the game of war. Nobody has ever caught them pants down since the days of Emperor Menelik. Mistakes do happen but something tells me this was a deliberate attack. Wasn’t there an exchange of gunfire between Kenyans and Ethiopians when we were closing the border?

Iko a person of interest who was in that plane ,thus the accident.

the lost malaysian flight was also downed by USA forces and they covered up hio story soo well …

Kila kitu ni US. Ata Kama birika yako haimuagi uji blame the US.

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Am not condoning that brothers statement lakini lets not act like the yankees ni wasafi kama pamba here. Its that they have mastered the art of deceit via PR and arm twisting tactics. All these major players are cute from the same cloth.

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