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A 218-vote majority of the House has publicly backed the Trump Impeachment proceeding.

Backed by what? Them democrats have nothing against trump…if and when this fails they might as well just give trump the presidency amalize his two terms

wacha ku kuharibu Jina ya mzito, brare fukin shiet

Nangoja response ya Patricia


Until I bring the news, don’t believe in layman gossip. Trump is going nowhere. It will be a massacre for them and 2020 will be a republican senate and house

Its in order. Hold that Mother fucker to account is the least they can do. He is a joker. Breaks rules like an addict


He is the best president in the world… He can do as he pleases

White privilege has enabled him get away with many things. This is a wake up call.

No, not going anywhere

hata wewe tumia teso privileges

Sijui nikuambie nini

you can’t tell me anything

Admin we know your handwriting.

So since when do new users automatically know which handles to copy?

This stinks to high heaven!

Now you are being big headed and… Ama wacha tu.

Hapana chief, Trump is playing them.

The same new handles know the insults directed at particular talkers e.g u find a newbie calling me a midget or calling Lichoti a homo sexual or Mundu mulosi a mono baller na mtu alijoin tuu jana yake. SMH

But i know a way of busting these fake newbies, u see they are always thirsty to climb the ladder and become SVs or VEs. Take note of the pple who like their posts …u will find one or two oldie talkers always liking their posts. There u have it. I dont need to say more.

You ain’t got a monopoly on mharisho nyews nanii…and you what they say about opinions being like assholes. So yours ain’t any more important that the OP unless wewe ni wale wasee was rainbow colours.