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Naskia M01 is dead someone confirm please.

He only had a knee infection.

rumours are gwan…


He was said to have gone to Israel for medical check up. After the clinic he was said to have plans of visiting the holy sites.

Kakwende katick tator

You can choose to believe your githeri diarrhoea rumor mongers.

Here are more credible sources!
Former President Daniel arap Moi is responding positively to treatment in Tel Aviv hospital, Israel where he was flown for medical checkup on Sunday.

The former President is in high spirits and expected home soon.

The former Head of State on Sunday March 11 morning left for Israel for a medical check-up.

Moi, who was accompanied by his son Gideon Moi and personal physician Dr David Silverstein was booked at the Tel Aviv hospital

Fitna ni haram. It causes lots of damage by the time it is discovered.

Mtakufa mkingoja mzee akufe

Uliza VC mambo ya kupost story type hii. Utashika adabu nanii.

Utakufa mbele ya huyu mzee… the guy has another 25 years in him.

Watu wanataka Moi akufe so that??? Ata Kibaki was once dead

Meffi thread. Delete

Agreed, if it’s not factual but fake news and rumor mongering the mods should delete.

As fake as Vera’s colour

watakwambia you did not report. someone needs to think for them you know.

A netter with half a brain ought to know that some topics require investigation before reproducing them here.

Do not feed the fake news trolls.