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Naskia Orengo and Wanjingi have been denied to Exit the country can someone confirm please.

Efidens ya kuskia .

Are you breaking the right news?

Pole mkubwa din’t see that


yani he had to spend the night there ndo angoje tu asubuhi to spread his usuall rhetoric … hatajua kuna serikali .hakuna majangili wanatoka hi nchi

They were denied and then they were allowed.
By the time they reach Zimbabwe Tsvangirai will have been long buried but I doubt if that’s their main mission.

Was orengo’s passport brown by virtue of his being a former minister?

Bwana @admin, @Mundu Mulosi @Electronics4u et al: Kindly introduce a demerit system where people who repost things that have been posted before lose points and ranks.

So according to you wasiende?

While at it also include osungu.dll file violators!

hiyo 1pm wataenda tu disco matanga sasa