breaking News : Woman saved from rapist by a geiy guy who then rapes the rapist ..

hii ndio inaitwa instant karma ?


anyways…this is what Dr Umar Johnson has to say about this stuff…

Ngay rapist is @LuandaMagere

Stop killing the Messenger…

Assuming the womans rapist was arrested, can the g** rapist raper be charged with raping the rapist ?

How did you stumble on this article? Ama ulikua unapiga nduthi na black oily gaay rapist orgy

Hapa pia mimi naona kuna shida flani

The woman was not saved but was merely gotten rid off so that the geh rapist can do his business

Ile hunimaliza ni ile ya wagondi wawili who found themselves very much the victims when they broke into the house of a staggering 6 feet 7in 163kg sex pest called “the wolf man”.Both were kept as sex slaves and were sodomized for 5 days straight .It was only when a neighbour heard the cries of the men and called the police did the nightmare stop. The buglars broke a front door but ended up having their backdoors obliterated

By now unajua gei content is everywhere…from social media to kids cartoons…

…hio tucker tucker umeeka after hio question mark jiekee

Sounds made up. A story you cooked up so you can entertain your customers as you shave their balls.

And now you brought the same story to Kenyatalk thinking that fellows like @uwesmake will beg you to shave their balls and butt cracks.


@Starscream is gày

Chap I will expose you

Please Do! Anika yeye

@chap = @Starscream

Hizi ufala za world star HH. This happened some years back…mist be recycling :recycle: content

@Bwenyenye acha kuharibu , philosophically , this is breaking news to wenye hawajui


@uwesmake manenos

Shots fired !!!