Breaking news: woman dies in Ruiru after getting COVID-19 vaccine

Chungeni hizi poison Bana.

kihere hereee miiingiii. unaenda kudungwa mavitu za wazungu hujui kwenye zimetoka. Unadanywo na propakanda ya shienieni unaenda kudungwa makemiko na wazungu. What part of histroy in the last 100 years makes you think walami have any goo intentions for bleks? People forget so quickly less than 70 years ago, whites were stepping on our necks and castrating out ancestors for opposing their torture.

Ujinga wa mwafrika hauna kipimo

The government signed a contract with pharmaceuticals, incase of anything the pharmaceutical wonโ€™t be held liable. .

This is utter bulshit

Mutahi kagwe signed on you behalf msee

Uuuui Jehovah! We are sold for a penny like dogs

Was a postmortem done?

This important in authoritatively establishing CoD.

Its Very true 90% of countries have signed

The Devil has won over our lives

Was she the only one who got the jab? Did the other jabees also die? How about kuweka hii kiherehere yote kando and maybe think for a second โ€ฆ how about if she had other underlying medical conditions? In short what am saying is muwache hii muhahe mingi. How come ata hao wazungu are also getting vaccinated?

Vaccine inaweza amsha okimwi

If you have blood pressure at the time of vaccination hii kitu ni gori.

Hehe โ€ฆ wacha ufala mujamaa

Either way bado utachotwa na nduthi ukufe si corona itakuuwa.