Breaking news- War: Putin orders military operation in Ukraine

“I’ve made the decision to conduct a special military operation," Putin said. “Our analysis has concluded that our confrontation with these [Ukrainian] forces in inevitable.”

“A couple of words for those who would be tempted to intervene. Russia will respond immediately and you will have consequences that you never have had before in your history,” he added.


Pie hapa;

The shit will hit the fan once NATO joins on the side of Ukraine

The UK BOJO alikuwa akijichocha. We will nuke and made the isles part of Atlantic Ocean. Mumetuzoea kanyaga ombwakini. @Abba leta venue nikufinye on behalf of Putin.

Sanctions, which they don’t care about, is all their opponents will throw at them. There is nothing to stop them now.

China should retake Taiwan. The world has moved from unipolar to multipolar.

I understand Russia’s intetntions, NATO were just too much to ignore. However, they NATO won’t do anything rush… they’ll opt for sanctions at most.–20160530-snap-story.html?_amp=true

Strangely pragmatic and lucid news article by left wing liberal LA Times, one of lamestream media outlets from way back in 2016. Article is now archived safely to prevent sanitisation by war hawks gives a picture of what could have been. Hindsight is always 20 / 20.

Its American military whatever complex who has led the world to this point!


Let hope so because once NATO joins things will escalate so quickly and spiral out of control.

The US and other allies of Ukraine have repeatedly accused of Russia of planning “false flag” attacks in order to portray an invasion as defensive in nature.

Kwani russia cant impose no fly zone.

NATO can join. But at their own time frame. Trust me they wont jump in anytime soon. Those are media timeframes.

Seems like amenawa he doesn’t want anything to do with that mess.

This is the meat and potatoes of the matter, people are making Putin out to be an imperialist but he has given several warnings and they have gone on deaf ears.


If NATO joins, most definitely that cornered dog would use a nuke because he knows what NATO is capable of

S400 ziko pale Vladivostok with warheads locked on LA and western USA, nuclear submarine iko Bermuda islands ready to hit east coast usa, sleepy Joe amekunja mukia as expected.