BREAKING NEWS : Wachaneni na S400, the most advanced Anti Ballistic Missile on earth is now ready!!

Israel’s Arrow 2 and 3 ndio kusema. S400 is for ‘lower caliber’ projectiles.

Israel is now ready if Iran or anyone else decides to build a nuclear bomb.:D:D

Israel’s Arrow 3 is finally here. Combined with the Iron Dome, the Arrow 2 and David’s Sling missile system Israel is now practically impenetrable!!

Netanyahu ameambia citizens wake a few hours ago. BREAKING :

Iran this is a direct warning. Hata mtupe nini, haitoboi. Hata Iran wakiunda NUKE Israel is now READY!!!

The Arrow 3 is the most advanced ABM currently. @Kilpatrick that means it can stop an ICBM travelling in space before re-entry into earth atmosphere. It kills a nuke via sheer kinetic energy and renders it useless.

There are 3 points at which to stop an ICBM : at launch, while journeying in space, ama ikirudi chini for the final hit.

Arrow 3 inakutomba ukiwa space! Very advanced science.

Not only that, but the Arrow 3 is said to be the only missile interceptor system that can shoot a military satellite in space from the ground.

They have not revealed everything else it can do but issa lot.

There are only two other countries that can stop a nuke i.e Russia and the U.S.

Russia has the very impressive [SIZE=5]A-135 anti-ballistic missile system.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The U.S has a mix of the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD), THAAD as well as the Patriot missile system.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The GMD can stop a nuke midcourse in space. THAAD can stop a nuke as it re-enters earth in terminal flight. Whereas the patriot acts as both an ICBM and can be configured as an anti ballistic interceptor.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The U.S and Russia are not as keen as Israel when it comes to defending against a nuke attack. Wanakaza budget ya ABM sana. In fact the U.S and Russia have very small numbers of ABMs to protect their vast lands. Politicians have refused to give more money.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Meanwhile Israel has gone flat out against any percieved threat be it a small drone or an ICBM.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.[/SIZE]

no one gives a feeeeerkkkk!!!

Samson Option Bado iko wakilemewa

Isorait. .raha jipe mwenyewe!

Hii bado iko kwa theory. We want practical things. Things that have been proven. MEFFI

Hizi hazituhusu

santa sana , sasa kuja ufanye analysis ya PUNGUZA MIZIGO … noogle !

That’s why ICBMs have multiple MRVs.

Hio ni chocha

And you think the Jews don’t know that?! Really? :D:D

Boss guidance system na radar yake zikishabomolewa hio kitu inaanguka to earth as a useless hunk of metal.

The arrow 3 is a bullet to hit a bullet with extreme sheer force.

Iran ikitoa hivi, Arrow 3 ziko kwa njia pia.

When you see Netanyahu speaking confidently…

Ndio hio majamaa. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

No state has ever launched an ICBM against another. So hizo arrow 3,minuteman,satan etc zote ni kutisha watu tuu

leta specs za hii mshale
amount of fuel consumed per minute

Hahaha,na vile unajuanga mingi hivi ,wewe umetengeza nini @pati

na hasumbui

Boss Iran sasa hata watengeneze nuke, haitetemeshi tena. Jews don’t brag willy nilly like Putin.

The Arrow 3 hata U.S hawana kitu kama hio. Sijui kama Trump atatoa funding watengeneze, Obama alikataa kata kata. He only gave a billion dollars for further ABM research.

This is actual breaking news :

Mbona una sound kama typical African mind set?!

Hakujawai kuwa na earthquake ama tsunami Africa kwa hivyo sio lazima tujenge nyumba zinaweza stahimili… uliza watu wa Zambia na Malawi vile kulienda juzi.

Mocambique got the brunt of it

Sija google specs but Arrow 2 ilikuwa Mach 9. Coupled with what they are calling kinetic energy. Yaani ikiingia space, inakuwa hurled with even more force than the propellant fuels and gases as it approaches an ICBM.

Kama Arrow 2 ilikuwa Mach 9, Arrow 3 si ni lazima ikuwe inaenda kabisa.

hii ni ya ku justify continous funding from uncle sam, Netanyahu maintaining his popularity…lazima akae anafanya kazi…na kufanya khamenei kurudi kwa drawing board

Aii boss hata kama, unadhani research kama hii ilianza juzi? Hii ni research ilianza Netanyahu bado akitomba his first wife in the 1970s. With no idea he will one day lead.

Ilikuwa a theory on paper back then. An idea.

Research ni continuous kitu ya miaka mingi sana. Unakufa wengine wana take over.

Ndio maana mimi hushindwa mkisema hapa ati China invented a mobile smart phone… HOW!!!

From what? Did they imagine one then invent it?

Of course not! They stole the damn thing.

For Huawei to get from inventing nothing to inventing foldable screens in a mere 3 years, they looted decades of research!!

Research started in the 1940s.