BREAKING NEWS :::: Unvaccinated People Being 'Forcefully' Vaccinated In The Streets......


Jamaica is Africa

Kwa hio post yote , thats what bothers you

Yes, Africa gets a bad rep

Mi nuh take no vaccination.


by the way… Jamaica , Haiti , Barbados etc will eventually join African Union sooner than you think…watch this space…

[SIZE=6]…so anza kuzoea Afrika yako mapema …[/SIZE]

That guy being vaccinated appears handicapped.

In the brain most probably and so are the people around him. Tandika mutu kahasho akajiokote kwa ofisi zao

Hatutaki Jamaica na haiti

Clickbait nonsense

Until they do, can we keep the waters clear

Monkeys still don’t realize vaccines are here to save them…Sad!


acha kimbelembele… si niliskia natural immunity is better than hio MRNA manenos…

…if you dont know how the jab works…ndio hii !!



Wewe ghasia hauna akili

taja mtu kama mwanaume kamili… acha kuogopa

Modz of this website are paid by sirkal. So u r wasting your time posting vidz like this here. You will be attacked endlessly by monk & his many handlez becoz he is pro vaccin…:stuck_out_tongue:

WAke me up when they achieve 29 million vaccinated.
They are still at what, 8 M?

Attacked by people you dont know? No wonder people catch feelings here. Labda ukule ban but kuongea ni lazma. Fcuk that monk and his sentiments.

Haiti already is. Poverty is a uniting factor.