The final nail on his political casket has just been driven in.


High noon January 20th.

Tule tu robots tunakuja. They will destroy u with fictious stories and stories of giant.

This is no longer nyews:D
Mtu asiwekelee post ingine

Naona umeanza acceptance

Anaitwa @T.Vercetti akiwa na msaidizi wake @Purple

Vercetti aende akacheze vice city. Politics aachie wazito. This is not child’s play

wooi Trump, Corona was his biggest enemy …

Pole Lil Wayne for endorsing a looser

Woe said the merchants woe said the leaders… She has fallen Babylon the great has fallen

Dortard Drump created to many enemies. I hope now he understand losing is not fake news!

The election was stolen no matter who says what. FACT.

Whether Barr, SCOTUS, Faux News say otherwise after all they are fair weather friends. It’s to be expected.

@Purple. I am sure you can afford to file a lawsuit. Why don’t you file one and present your “solid” evidence of election theft


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Ni kadame kangu usipige mawe sana

It is worse than that. He is a 74yr old man with a mind/brain of a 10yr old. But, a 10yr old knows right from wrong and is able to reflect on issues. On top of that ni mjinga na hajui kaa ni mujinga. Add up all this and more and you end up with a bully who can’t handle life…at least like an average person.

10? More like 5. The “me, me, me and mine” age. It’s all about him, screw everyone else.