Breaking news..Trump amejikaanga

Am never fan of trump news…huyo jangili needs to vacate that office…ametufinyia donor pesa saana especially climate change
Anyway here is the pdf version of the telephone conversation with Ukrainian counterpart just released by White House :D:D:D
Biden kila pahali

This totally clears him.

Democrats should hang their heads in shame. A total witch hunt.



One was accused of cheating on his wife and impeached.
Cheating on his wife is Trump’s least crime.

Sasa ati wanataka whiso brower. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

The fisis waiting for the hand to drop.


Na venye CNN ilikua imechangamkia hii story with excitement. Anyway hiyo part ametaja kina Merkel sounds funny

hawezani na Trump


ok what has orange hair done exactl? and what is the case with ukraine and the “server”? and what prosecution did biden stop?