BREAKING NEWS : Thugs Break Into CS Aisha Jumwa’s Nairobi Home

Thugs Break Into CS Aisha Jumwa’s Nairobi Home, Steal KSh 1 Million, Gold Jewellery And Laptops The incident happened past midnight. The guards who were on duty are missing and it is believed they could be part of the gang behind the attack on the house.

The roosters have come home to roost…

The poor are eating the rich. But why is that news? Poor Kenyans houses are broken into daily

The same thing happened at Matiang’i’s just a few hours before this… nasema tu serikali msinikujie bana!

:D:D:D:D:D…deflekshen !!!

Aisha Jumwa is well known for fucking around with her guards. Literally. Truly. Not allegations, not rumors. These could be unpaid, disgruntled gigolos taking what they assume is rightfully theirs. As they are saying nowadays, if you fuck around you will find out!

:D:D:D By the way unajua hakuna kitu huuma mwizi kama kuibiwa na mwizi mwingine? By nature, wezi hujiona janjez sana so for there to be a bigger janjez out there kumshinda really pricks their egos. Akikupata anaweza kufanya vibaya sana.

From mdvd now juma… something is strange

Mahasora are hungry.