BREAKING NEWS: Stolen BVR Kits Found in Duale's Hotel.

I talk one on one with jakom…Please treat this as nonsense…Someone is trying to spoil Jakom’s name.Please remember to register to vote in jakom…

Post any evidence you have on the contrary here including photos of the stolen BVR kit and the suspects otherwise wacha kufyatua mdomo ovyo ovyo.


Question, how did they get access to the IEBC system?

fact: stolen voter registration materials ware found. and here you are yapping your mouth defending thieves…

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You are now talking ma thighs…When are you free i can take you to Jakom for a cup of coffee?

which iebc system?

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i thought the bvr kit is just for data capture, you need access to the voter register sytem (or whatever) to add that data to the register


I have met the idiot several times in private functions but I never get close enough to him lest I get tempted to give him a piece of my mind and you know what his thoughtless goons would do to me if I did.

BVR kit hapana iko?

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^^^^No kit? Only transfer papers and ID’s. This goes to prove someone want to register transfer and transfer voters to Mandera.


Posting one image 4 times doesn’t make less bullshit. I can also take images of BVR machines outside and claim I am in UG registering voters.


Not randomly selected photos of the registration exercise that are all over media pages. Nugu.


I have been going through Mandera forums on FB and I think hii mambo iko linked with the clan rivalries Degodia etc etc

How can these guyz register at MKU towers and they are to Vote in Mandera?



Hehehehehehe! Hiyo sweep yote Jumapili kweli?


Defanging the rattlesnake has become a very fulfilling pastime for Kenyan authorities. On to August 2017.

Chieth! The fact remains a malicious operation was going on.

@Mathaais, sema ti ukweli kama mimi yalie kama firimbi ya Millie.:D:D:D

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Opposition propaganda is getting more desperate and silly by the day. Within minutes it’s debunked and trashed. It’s seems you now need to be physically blind as well to believe them. A few pieces of paper and ID photo equates to BVR kit…:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:.

Any hotel or lounging is automatically Duale’s, these silly stories always backfires and the Kenya Somali community support continues to erode further.

Lastly it’s only those who stole BVR kit who know where it is. I’m suspicious that the loudmouths here knew exactly which specific BVR kit was stolen and where it is supposed to be.:oops::oops::oops::oops:


Stop looking for an excuse to justify that you were right. kubali tu ulikuwa unapayuka haya maneno yaishe.