Breaking News : Some One Prominent Has Just Died At Nairobi Hospital

I am receiving this news from my connects on the ground. Kenyans just sleep knowing tomorrow morning you will wake up to some sad news. You heard it first here. Keep it locked.

sema tuuu

UPDATE: it’s a senior ODM Governor and YES it’s COVID19

The beauty of being next to the ground…
Huwezi chengwa ovyo ovyo…

From Kisii?

Staying tuned

Details streaming in bit by bit. Some saying he is not yet dead but ako kwa oxygen tank breathing his last breathes. Others wanasema he is already dead but gava wants to release info asubuhi.

I can not tell which Governor it is but my informers say wameona top of the range cars with chase cars plus police cars with sirens zikiingia Nairobi hospital at top speed. A family member of the deceased was also seen crying and wailing. Info ilipatikana nitaleta

Nyamira is Listening…

governor ni mtu mdogo sana, thought ni babuon imeteleza kutoka kwa maMiti nchinje kaMbuzi saa ii na usiku

The Standard of December 9th 2020 at 19:51:27 GMT +0300

@Panyaste★ hapo Berlin Chancelor Merkel amesema hakuna xmas shopping banae…

My tiny friend njaa taua Mimi banae

A few things Sir, the only prominent people in Kenya are politicians. They are universally shitty. Therefore it follows that death amongst their ranks cannot result in “sad news”.
It is newsworthy but not devastating news to anyone other than their immediate family and close benefactors.

Afadhali njaa kuliko Covid19…
Ama kifo mi kifo?

Its Obado. Just ask yourself, which ODM governor is diabetic?

Kwani you’ve been in communication with “Karma”?

Could be homabay

Nyamira Govner ameenda sayun

wako wengi only that very few are known to be having those issues

Umbwa hii si useme tu