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[SIZE=7]In Photos: 20 Years of Putin[/SIZE]

5 hours ago
The world was a very different place in 1999. We were introduced to Britney Spears. Bill Clinton was impeached. Napster was launched. And everyone worried about Y2K and the havoc it would soon wreak on dial-up internet and our giant PCs.

It was also the year Vladimir Putin was appointed as prime minister of Russia by then-President Boris Yeltsin on Aug. 9. Twenty years later, he’s still here.

On the day the man was appointed as prime minister, here’s a look back at the past 20 years of Putin – president, prime minister, leader of the motherland, shirtless athlete and closet homosexual.
August 1999
Russian President Boris Yeltsin pictured with the 46-year-old St. Petersburg native who would be named his eventual successor on Aug. 9.
Sergei Velichkin, Vladimir Rodionov / TASS
Sept. 24, 1999
At a press conference in Astana, Kazakhstan, Prime Minister Putin came down hard on terrorism following a wave of apartment bombings that killed more than 300 Russians: “We will chase terrorists everywhere. If in an airport, then in the airport. And that’s it, case closed."
Screenshot ORT
Aug. 2000
Putin gives an interview with the RTR television channel following the Kursk nuclear submarine tragedy, which resulted in the deaths of all 118 crew members on board.
Aug. 17, 2005
Game face on as Putin attends a missile launch during naval exercises in Russia’s Arctic North.
February 2007
Putin delivers his speech at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, where he heavily criticized the United States’ “almost uncontained” use of force in international relations. The speech is considered to be the first milestone of the Russia-NATO confrontation.
Aug. 2009
Putin, always keen to cultivate his macho image, goes for a shirtless horseback ride in Kyzyl, southern Siberia.
March 2012
On March 4, 2012, Putin was reinstated as president after a four-year term as prime minister following weeks of protests. Overwhelmed by the support he received at his inauguration, he wept. A spokesperson later explained he just had something in his eye.
March 2013
Putin frolics in the snow with his dogs Baffi and Yuna.
October 2013
Putin launches the iconic Olympic flame’s relay across Russia ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
Stanislav Krasilnikov / TASS
March 2014
Putin delivers a speech to accept the March 16 referendum for Crimea to become part of Russia, a move that has had long-lasting consequences for the country both at home and abroad.
August 2015
Understand that Uncle Vova is in better shape than you.
Mikhail Klimentyev / TASS
January 2016
Putin brings it down in Sochi like it ain’t no thing.
April 2017
No time for shirts when you’re this good at fishing.
Summer 2018
Russia welcomed thousands of fans from around the world for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was widely hailed as a success and helped boost Russia’s international image.
April 2018
A rare shot of the president fully clothed as he goes on a Siberian hiking trip.
Sept. 2018
Putin enjoys a rare vodka with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Vladivostok. Following waves of Western sanctions, Russia’s leader has turned his eye eastward in search of new partnerships.

I like this President, together with Paul Kagame.

Notice no woman in his photos. Just men.

Unlike Mr. Trump.



sasa lete shirtless za Trump aki groap ma pokoste, pia akiwa baldhead

Kagame is the guy. This guy is also tough and is a super serious extra multi-billionaire who pretends to be average. the castle he’s building at the end of his country is obscene.

:D:D:D:D I heard Trump has no hair, what he has ni fake hair

Oya Pati….
I asked you to text me when you’d be at the junk yard next…
I need ball joints msee…
Niko mbaya saidi…

hii automobile ni ya mwaka ngapi?

Nywele sio muhimu kwa mwanaume, hata @Makonika hana. Bora mjosto iwe na thitima.

Msito hukula vitu zake chini ya woyes…si kama nguruwe trump
SAITAN mkubwa wewe

Hii ni ya settler mgani I say? Na huwa unapewa kazi na tumzungu, that must mean you know your shit.

Ama labda umeandikwa kama caretaker Muthaiga. Man must eat I guess.

Had this since before you went to wash shrivelled diabs.

Jakipash hiyo Jack yako iko safe kweli with that rope hapo?

Ngato gi tije, ngato gi tije

The guy has so much life