breaking news...Ruto want to assassinate Mutua and other stories

Wacha nitafute @kabetes.lakini story same zilikuwa 60/40.60 ukweli40 porojo

The punch to the chest later killed the guy. cc @sani .

Friday February 1, 2019-A former Eldoret North MP narrated how Deputy President William Ruto punched him at State House; an incident that may have led him to his death six years later.
Speaking during an interview, the late Reuben Chesire noted that it was mid-2002, during the run-up to the General Elections, when he met Ruto at State House in Nairobi after he went to see then President Daniel Arap Moi.
“I had gone to State House to seek permission from former President Daniel Moi to travel abroad on official duties,” he said.
Chesire remembered meeting Ruto on the corridors of State House and an argument ensued before Ruto landed a heavy blow on his chest almost blacking him out.
"I have had roadblocks all my (political) life. To this day, I have never known why my enemies have been so rough with me. I have been fought all through,” Chesire narrated before he died.
Ruto confirmed the incident but maintained that he did not punch the late Chesire, who was eyeing the same seat as him in the upcoming elections.
He died in 2008 in a hospital where he was rushed after complaining of chest pains.

@patco thats how Arror will deal with the cartels. A man who resolves what to do and does what he resolves.

Mwanaume mwoga alafu anataka kutongoza Kenya? Si huyu atatishwatishwa na cartels mkimpea kiti

a kao can say anything just like sonko, mtua ange record hiyo conversation, but still dynasties must fall at all cost.

Mtu yeyote akikuambia yeye ni mkristo…ati ooh sijui yeye ni chairman wa CU…kaa mbali na yeye. Meshack Yebei anajua vizuri

Ya ICC tulisahau

We have already seen enough from Kiambaa, no thanks. Moi Daniel and his agents were enough chaos to last a life time.

Who will take him serious.Wezi tu wote

Walahi bana.

 :D:D:Dhapo kuna kaukweli

This is not for politics the guy sounded afraid remembering that Jacob claimed he was threatened by Ruto and he was actually killed even after complaining publicly I feel ni ukweli.

I seriously doubt it because WSR is in a different league. But then again you never know what’s happening behind the scenes.

This people don’t handle immediate political opponents and as know pia kuna underground games. He said juu he is attacking his team…

I don’t if this story Ni ya ukweli…hakuna any evidence

@KamauLM tupe maoni kuhusu tukio hili

Haha, you guys make Ruto look like some kind of a El Chapo



Oya Jacob Juma spoke nothing but the truth… Ruto ata anaweza shika konyagi1 makagari… check this tweet he even predicted hii story ya mutua[ATTACH=full]276054[/ATTACH]