Breaking news:Ron Desantis bows out of the race, throws weight behind Trump

Trump will be back to White House this year


This is the only good news that am looking forward to.


tuko nyuma ya ango trump


After trump wins si atafungua biden boot pamoja na Ile crack head son Hunter

Rumours swirling around that his enemies are planning to assasinate him.

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By the way they cannot stand the thought of him back. They will try to do something drastic since the courts have not managed to help them stall him. I want him back and Vivek should be in a key position even if it is White House spokesperson or something else visible. Trump anarusha maneno kali to the homo brigade wakikimbia huku wanapatana na Vivek anawagonga kichwa sawa sawa


This year kutakuwa na US kutakuwa na post election violence.

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Why do most talkers want Trump back. Sijakuwa nikifuata siasa za marekani

Exactly. Halafu oneza ile kijana Damon Imani vyenye iliambia Claws Schwab, ile milaya ya IMF na hizo gargoyles zilijikusanya Davos kwa WEF conference to go fuck themselves. Tamu sana.

The world was more peaceful… he will keep in check upuzi ya transgender.

We will offer Kalonso to mediate

Rao would rather die than back anyone