BREAKING NEWS: Research shows that browsing Kenyatalk lowers IQ by 30 points

Research = my experience.

Ukiingia KTalk as an A student you will come out as a C student from dealing with all the retards here. You know what they say about wrestling with a pig.

naomba number ya yule jamaa anauza credit hapo SJ

this have changed my live

Midterm loading for all pupils and studentsI all school public or private …

Mikeock you are the dumbest talker uko na IQ ya 09


You know he’s right… only that he used one sample: Himselufu… And now he’s mad coz the other talkers have not fitted into his ‘Research’.

I wanted to say the same thing. He was the only specimen


You came here on the back of alpha male credit. You met people who know more than you. In their respective disciplines, you are just but a weak male. E.g @Makonika alikung’aria kweli kweli. Utakufa lini?

This thread serves as proof of my findings.

Wewe ni kutusi watu tu ati mama zao. Yusilesi.

Signed and approved

This idiot rides a 400cc bike…like a girl.

Post 1500cc yako hapa tuone basi Schoopit

You are a fool.