Breaking News Raila to vie for AU Chairman position

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A month ago mudavadi let the cat out of the bag akiwa Bondo. The Political elites will always look after each other. Sisi hapa chini ndo tuna shida.


The perennial loser will lose again. Ruto better no back that crackpot


Why does Raila and his groupies like to use the word " secret" or implying they have hidden knowledge and plans which usually turn out to be nonsense?

And why does Raila always open his eyes halfway when he’s trying to sound intelligent. Who told him smart people talk with their eyelids half open?

I think Ruto should support him so that 2027 we have peaceful elections without maandamano and Raila manages to retire and exit political scene peacefully and gracefully


If there is anyone more deceitful and conniving than Ruto, it is Raila. Raila can sell his mother if she was alive.

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He will loose another election

Serial loser. Ni nani atakayemchagua na hicho kigugumizi chake?. Hatutaki aibu Africa.

We are supposed to support any Kenyan in contests out of the Country.

Let Raila go for it.

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Nothing but a ceremonial post. Just to pad his resume. He doesn’t need it.

All the best Baba . Sasa kalonzo better style up and start hunting for those votes. As for Mt Kenya, will be interesting to watch their political moves in the coming days/years.

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