BREAKING NEWS: Prince Philip has passed away aged 99

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The living dead he was

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He was 100 years old and he had covid. It’s surprising he survived do many days with the illness and the funny oxford vaccine

Kwani ni babu Yako unatuwekea hapa. Bure kabisa


Gone too soon


What is the difference between “Passed away” and “Passed On”?


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Passed away” is used when talking to someone who knew the person that died, and within the close time of the death. “Passed on” is similar to “Passed away” But implies the existence of an afterlife, therefore would be used when talking to people who believe in an afterlife.

Y should he rest in peace after institutions they set and the precedence of leadership is killing us?ambia mkubwa wako mtu tunatambua ni kibaki sio a white assed tuckertucker.ama niaje @administrator ?

Ati deep sadness:D:D:D
MI nachoma nyama tena ile nono iko na mafuta

Aende akiendaga

You guys have made me proud. Nilikuwa na doubts kuingia kwa hii thread fearing it was full of shitniggers saying Rest in Peace.

I join you honorable Africans in spitting on his grave. Kumamake


I read that he began corresponding with Princess Elizabeth when she was 13. So love at first sight might be pushing it a bit.

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Did he die after testing COVID positive??