BREAKING NEWS: Prince Philip has passed away aged 99

Even after stealing more than half of the World they still can’t prolong their lives by a single minute.

He is 7th in line but despite all the hoo-haa no one can tunya him that birth right even though they denied him the title PRINCE. But in reality Harry and his son were never contenders for the throne.

Ndindu the bonobo, do u think u will live a day psst 60, leave alone 99?

When a nasty person like Prince Motherfucker Philip dies, I think the whole world should be celebrating the death of a corrupt nasty person ever on this planet. Despite owning big chunks of wealth, offering human sacrifices, encouraging sodomy still the man had to die. Hii dunia kuwa mpole kifo ni lazima… I heard that the royals don’t die, they simply board extradimensional spacecraft and shift to other dimensions.

Fucck him…fuckk him!

Akwende akiendaga. Racist pig!

Virgin gani? Alikuwa amepigwa stick vibaya sana ata kabla afikishe 16. Plus he was chosen for the queen si ati he was the love of her life.

Hehe ooliskia wapi? Huh ooliskia hii wapi?

Nasomanga maneno ya royal family sana. :D:D:D:D alafu unatetea queen sana kwani unamtaka?

Siwezi gusa post wall singo matha :smiley:


Relax Brathe banae… jamaa amededi

@administrator wewe ni meffi ghasia. Hii kitu inatusaidia aje. Ama ukimlamba mkundu atafufuka. Unpin this thread. It’s seems pia wewe Una suffer from racial inferiority like @Ndindu.

Ghasiaa … Maragoli ya kimilili maneno ya Royalty wachana nayo.

Akufe mbwa yeye. Royal family yote ni maumbwa. Parasites. They continue to cause suffering through institutions abroad in their former colonies

Mwa wewe. mimi sitambui Royal Family sh!t

From very reliable sources, Njonjo is crying his heart out! As he should.

Testosterone Kizee, it’s all about dominance

May he RIP. So much bile and hatred on a guy who lived his best life. We are all going to die regardless. He died at the ripe age of 99 which most of us won’t see. He was done and ready.

Rest in Peace

Apana maliza mkubwa nikiwa hapa.