Breaking News on Mumias Sugar probe

Tom Ojienda and Peter Wanyama arrested due to ongoing investigation on Mumias Sugar Probe.
Kidero better be ready it’s about to be lit[ATTACH=full]217318[/ATTACH]

…moto ya gazeti tu

Following on behalf of @Abba

huyu rafiki yetu alienda wapi baada ya kupika busaa?

Akiwa ocha haweza karibia shosho media ,khupipi ni mkali sana.

Ako hapa na @Mutesa II

Mikora hii…ishikwe kabisa

I am jumping right in with a conclusion…

Yenyewe ako wapi Mzee @Abba ? Kama kuna mtu anajua atwambie please…

By the way I don’t understand why Kenyans have been so lenient on lawyers while castigating the judiciary
Lawyers the likes of Ombetta and Nelson Havi are the link between judiciary and corruption.

What I find strange, are lawyers who seat in constitutional bodies, representing corrupt entities, who are facing charges against the state.
How does these sh!t work ? Tom Ojienda was representing Swazuri, while Sen. Jimmy and Okong’o are representing DCJ.

doesn’t it beat logic that a lawyer seating in the JSC would suddenly appear or act for clients in COURT! if thats not intimidation then I dont know what it is!

Walijituma Saransk na ice cube

Running rings around all of you tribal losers.
They exploit your stupidity and loyalty to tribe.

Plus the other 2 who seat in the Justice and legal affairs committee in the Senate.
Ojienda seats on two constitutional bodies, that are funded by the taxpayers, then, he goes around and represents the same people stealing from the taxpayers .
The law ought to be changed.

Na bado yuko na mambo ya tax arrears na KRA.


The arrest comes in the wake of a protracted court battle between Ojienda and the KRA over tax compliance.

The taxman has filed an appeal after High Court judge Wilfrida Okwany directed that KRA issue a tax compliance certificate at a time when the taxman is demanding Sh443.6 million arrears from the advocate.

By who? The same lawyers?


There’s something called going up , above and beyond. It’s in times like this, that true leaders are defined.