Breaking News: Nkaissery is Dead

According to Citizen TV the Interior CS has died at the Karen Hospital shortly after admission.





tf that shit came so abrupt

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He fought the good fight. MHSRIP


That’s shocking news. Too abrupt

SECURITY MINISTER Joseph Nkaissery has died suddenly at Karen Hospital, Nairobi; a few hours after being admitted for check up, State House says.

pole sana to the family

May soul rest in peace.
Really sad news

wacha apumzike… r. i. p

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My condolences to his family!
Can’t blame him though…I, too, can’t keep up with the current political and al shabaab BS. Time to rest.

RIP major

Fiksed. Huge difference in ranks between a Major and Major General.


Shocking news indeed. As a nation we are at a loss.

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Very really sad saturday morning…rest in peace sir

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Kazi ya kuchunga wezi itamwangukia nani sasa?


Wah… He looked very jovial yesterday at Uhuru Park. May he Rest in Peace.

When is the burial ceremony?

Pardon me, I really don’t follow politics/politicians; it’s being reported as a ‘sudden’ death. Has he been sick? Any ways, when the Grim Reaper comes calling, it doesn’t matter where you are!!

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Pole sana. Any clear reports as to the cause?

Ole Lenku in acting capashitty