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Kazi mzuri sana ya jubilee.Hao watu watajua hawajui.

War of attrition gets along. Wengine watajua hawajui.

He he he si juzi they asked him to work for them, and Ndii refused???Don’t worry Ndii, hata sisi tuko hapa hapa kenya. stuck with the idiots

Amejua hajui. Tuko pamoja!


Upuss.Huyu mtu ashikwe.

Court will bail him out as usual

I have never understood why people get so angry when someone is released on bail. Bail/bond is a constitutional right. It is up to the prosecution [the state] to demonstrate, to the court’s satisfaction, why you should not enjoy that right. That is why bail/bond is granted so liberally.

Naona mzito amesign the document, that guy is a trailblazer. A firm man.

Ashikwe for what? Insulting the president? Please.

:smiley: how about you move to Somalia?


The law, gives the government powers to withdraw one’s passport if a holder gives it out for use to someone else, convicted of terrorism, money laundering, drug trafficking or any other international crime.

Similar actions, may be issued if an arrest warrant has been imposed on a passport holder, or if the holder has been involved in document forgery, according to the Citizen and Immigration Act.
Case closed. Passport itarudi tu. Orngo and Co are on it.

takataka ya municipal, wewe umetoka mahali kupata hata burial ground ni shida na unapayukapayuka kuhusu kiambu

uthamaki battalion can’t torelate this

mulwa ni jina ya kikamba ngombe hii,ni wapi nitakimbia nipate anticipatory bail ndio usiniban,ama huku ni north Korea?

I meant the main tweet not reply. I don’t own the screenshot btw. I downloaded it. I believe its the mulwa himself who took it.
My point is matusi are irking uthamakistan battalion from where I took it from

And learn to calm your tits. There is no reward for being a sychopant no. 1

Mimi sina matiti bana