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Only Manoah Esipisu whose alma matter is The Alliance High School P.O. Box 7 Kikuyu (the school that produced the great Okiya na ule bro wangu ako University of Carlifornia Irvine pursuing a Masters in Law and is already in the deans list) remains.


Brutal is an understatement.

inaitwa reorganization

Alai atalala na viatu leo…[ATTACH=full]46212[/ATTACH]

I still stand by my words; that school should be razed to the ground and the land it occupies used as a dumping site, it has produced some of the worst Kenyans we will ever see.

Hata ole lenku alikuwa internally reorganised


itumbi was one useless mafaka who picked useless fights… The guy wasted an opportunity to change this country to the better in his capacity… spent half of his time discussing Raila.


finally some of the half-wits are being removed. Hongera jubilee. Kuna wale wa kawaida lazma mtoe pia.

The Don, Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir agrees with you


Aiiyayayyaya! Luwere

In my own assessment, the PSCU was stuck in campaign mode, it still behaved like a Jubilee mouth piece as opposed to a Kenyan Government communication unit. Good riddance

I am told akina Ntimama and Muthaura are being sought to replace them.

Wewe pia anza kujipanga. Niliona internal reorganisation was done na ukachujwa from the daily morning newspaper review show. Sasa wamekuachia tu Cheche.

Hehehe they replaced him with indimuli. Me I am safe.(for now)

Itumbi *try not to cry, cry a lot!.. when it rains it pours

This is good news…homo @Wakanyama don’t you think? [ATTACH=full]46216[/ATTACH]

Na wamepelekwa straight to lay the ground work for 2017 campaign.