Breaking News: Lukaku to United officially confirmed.

After some very bad news, RIP Nkasierry, some good news came for Manchester United fans. Sijui kama mafans wa Chelsea wameingia double moaning.
Vindu vya chenjanga…hehe


vindu vya colapsanga…

Remember Pedro from barca?

Tutabaki na Batshuai very stressful

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Let me just leave this here.


He is a great player that just like Lukaku wouldn’t get a chance at Chelsea. Should you sell him to West Ham, you will be back within a year to buy him back.

Very good news , that team is shaping up nicely.

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Baaas…hakuna kitu ingine nilikuwa nachill. Lukaku, jersey mpya na si photoshop…hehe

Wachana na malaya petroli…btw si ni mourinho alimuiba kutoka manchester united…hehe

hehehe huyu Pogba alitumwa to convince him

hatusemi kitu. it’s business.

Lemar Thomas ywaja Emirata

Anajiita agent pogba…next season anaenda kufanya maajabu na ile ngombe griezmann. Ati anaenda kujifanya venye ni mzuri hawezi acha Atletico wakiwa na transfer ban.

Two signings and they are remarkable

Young French players Dembele and Mbappe please. However I understand our attention has shifted to Eric Diet of Tottenham. He is third choice behind, Wanyama and the Belgium Dembele. In Defence he is also on the bench however in Man Utd he will be Carrick successor.

Still not enough.
Another world class striker is needed.

hehehe mnataka Rashford auzwe?

huyo anaingia January

True, Rooney’s replacement highly needed

I think a deep playmaker is what Arsenal needs more and another central defender and right back.